(2010-2013) SIENER Energetic management technologies for railway applications, MICINN-10-IPT-370000-2010-15, Agency: Science and Innovation Ministry (Span- ish Government), Involvement: Principal Investigator, Amount: 366Ke. 10/01/10-07/31/13

(2011-2013) Representation, plan and optimization of islanded microgrids based in renew- able energy using stability and economical criteria, MICINN-10-ENE2010- 14899 Agency: Science and Innovation Ministry (Spanish Government), Involve- ment: Co-Investigator, Amount: 366Ke. 01/01/11-12/31/13 

(2009-2011) Development and implementation of technological solutions for the 2025 Spanish grid, MICINN-09-PSS-120000-2009-28-30 Agency: Science and Inno- vation Ministry (Spanish Government), Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 255Ke. 01/12/09-04/31/11

(2007-2010) CETICA Project: The Eco Technological City. Steel-based industrialization for a more sustainable urban habitat, CENIT-07-ARCELOR-1 Agency: Sci- ence and Innovation Ministry (Spanish Government), Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 150Ke. 10/31/07-12/31/10

(2007-2010) DENISE Project: Smart, Safe and Efficient Energy Distribution, CENIT-07- DENISE Agency: Science and Innovation Ministry (Spanish Government), Involve- ment: Co-Investigator, Amount: 285Ke. 21/03/07-12/31/10

(2007-2010) Characterization of the injection transformer and its control in generation and compensation systems fed simultaneously by a distributed generation source, MEC-07-DPI2007-62577 Agency: Science and Education Ministry (Spanish Government), Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 65Ke. 10/01/07-09/30/10

(2007-2007) Study for creating an energy management system in weak distribution grids working on isolated mode, CN-07-120 Agency: FYCIT (Regional Asturian Gov- ernment), Involvement: Principal Investigator, Amount: 35Ke. 10/01/07-12/31/07

(2005-2006) Neural network assisted optimization and design of induction motors through a deterministic/stochastic combination, FC-04-PC-54 Agency: FYCIT (Re- gional Asturian Government),Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 25Ke. 01/13/05-12/31/06

(2004-2007) Power transformers transient response characterization and its application to the insulation in Clarke space, MEC-04-DPI2004-03573 Agency: Science and Technology Ministry (Spanish Government), Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 55Ke. 12/15/04-12/15/07

(2002-2004) New electromagnetic models of power transformers with internal short- circuits for its application in predictive maintenance, MCT-01-DPI-3814 Agency: Science and Education Ministry (Spanish Government), Involvement: Co- Investigator, Amount: 35Ke. 10/01/2002-03/31/2004 


(2013-2013) Graphical interface and post-processor of software package for electrical railway simulations, FUO-EM-1189-13 Construcciones y Auxialiar de Ferrocarriles (CAF SA.), Involvement: Principal Investigator, Amount: 9Ke. 06/24/2013-12/31/2013

(2011-2013) Technical-Economical study of a fast charging system for trams with ultra- capacitors, FUO-EM-156-11 Construcciones y Auxialiar de Ferrocarriles (CAF SA.), Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 30Ke. 05/03/2011-03/31/2013

(2010-2012) Cityelec: Electrification Systems for Urban Mobility, FUO-EM-056-10 Hidro- electrica del Cantabrico, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 31Ke. 01/01/2010-03/05/2012

(2011-2012) Development of a software simulator for electrical railway networks includ- ing a dynamical multi-train environment for power flow analysis and opti- mization, FUO-EM-158-11 Construcciones y Auxialiar de Ferrocarriles (CAF SA.), Involvement: Principal Investigator, Amount: 51Ke. 05/03/2011-12/31/2012

(2011-2012) Substituting contactors by solid state semiconductors in railways applica- tions, FUO-EM-155-11 Construcciones y Auxialiar de Ferrocarriles (CAF SA.), In- volvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 46Ke. 05/03/2011-03/31/2012

(2009-2011) Strategies evaluations for setting up wind park for new operation procedures requirements by means of simulations and small scale tests, FUO-EM-314-09, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 49Ke. 10/10/2009-10/09/2011

(2010-2011) Fault detection and location in distribution networks using self organiz- ing maps, FUO-EM-300-10 Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico, Involvement: Co- Investigator, Amount: 45Ke. 10/01/2010-04/30/2011

(2010-2010) Fault in power plant derived from the anti-islanding protection, FUO-EM- 223-10 CTIC Foundation, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 1Ke. 06/17/2010-07/17/2010

(2008-2009) Technical-Economic analysis for a combined heat and power system based in gas furnaces with Stirling motors, FUO-EM-213-08 Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 16Ke. 09/26/2008-03/26/2009

(2006-2007) Technical and economical impact study derived from the development and implementation of an electrical microgrid in a steel industry using the en- ergetic surpluses, CN-06-126-IE05-113 ARECELORMITTAL SPAIN, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 22Ke. 02/24/2006-12/31/2007

(2004-2004) LAUREL: Design of induction motors (sizes IEC 132 2 and 4 poles) and improvement of the efficiency of motors (sizes IEC 90 and 100 2 and 4 poles), CN-03-151 ASEA BROWN BOVERI SA, Involvement: Co-Investigator, Amount: 17Ke. 04/01/2004-10/05/2004